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tree removal in plant city floridaAdvanced Tree Plant City has been professionally caring for Plant City’s trees in the sunshine state for the past ten years as one of the top tree removal services of the area. Our company has grown healthy and strong like the many trees we have taken care of over the years.  Whether you have trees suffering from storm damage or in need of regular maintenance, we are your local tree specialists and even offer with 24-hour emergency tree care.

Trees provide so much more than beauty. When trees are properly cared for they add value to your property and boost the energy efficiency of your home. Un-maintained trees can become overgrown and hazards to homes, businesses, power lines and the people around them. Trees that have overgrown to this point should be properly trimmed or removed to reduce these hazards.

Why Choose Advanced Tree Plant City?

  • We provide FREE estimates prior to starting each project.
  • Your tree will come down quickly and safely, without damaging your home.
  • We are insured and properly licensed in Florida.
  • 10 years of hands-on experience in your local community.
  • We offer after hours and emergency tree response.
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The health of your trees relies on consistent maintenance. Decaying limbs and structure failure following the many windy tropical storms that roll over Florida greatly reduce the risk of tree related injuries and damage in the future. High winds and storms can damage your trees in many ways. Dead branches or decaying trees will break first, and they can damage your roof, siding or lawn and make a big mess to clean up. Stronger winds can break larger limbs that may be unbalanced from poor pruning methods.

Trees can topple in a domino effect, pulling other trees and limbs down with them as the go. When a storm produced heavy rain or over the course of a wet season, roots and lawns become saturated causing an increased chance of uproot falls. Advanced Tree Plant City will visit your home to identify possible tree hazards and explain the best steps to take to reduce risks on your property.

Each tree species has varying needs and here at Advanced Tree Plant City we strive to leave all of your trees healthier than the way we found them. Orange trees and live oaks are very different in their care needs, health risks, size and maintenance schedules. Some trees are more prone to diseases or storm damage that others and ornamental and fruit trees require very specifically scheduled pruning for optimal health and output. We will care for your unique tree project every step of the way and bring your tree debris with us when we leave.

Outstanding Customer Satisfaction:

  • Free estimates for every job are based on your unique situation.
  • Each on-site meeting is arranged to suit your schedule
  • Around the clock emergency tree services gives our clients peace of mind when tree disasters hit.
  • We take pride in our safe practices keep you and your property from harm.
  • Our high volume of repeat clients means we do our job right the first time.
  • A number of options are offered for all of your tree care and specific needs.

Our main goals are customer satisfaction and maintaining the highest bar of safety standards in our industry. Our goals are steadily met through rigorous training, the consistent maintenance of our machinery, and by keeping up with innovative approaches to tree removal. A decade in this industry has given us the know-how to get your tree project dong, on budget and on time, every time.

Safety Focus:

  • Clients and their Families
  • Employees
  • Pedestrians
  • Neighbors and Visitors to your Property
  • Your Pets

Our maintained equipment is key to our high safety standards and is updated to reflect the newest technologies available. Although many upgrades are done for the sake of safety, our first-class tree serving equipment is ready to tackle even the most unique of situations. If your tree are giving you trouble, call us for a free consultation today. We know you’ll be glad you called and we hope to have you join our family tree!

What To Expect From Advanced Tree Plant City

Once you call us we take action of solving your tree issues and setting up a consultation right away. Assessing your unique situation means setting up an in person interview on-site and seeing the tree issue first hand. In some cases, we may be able to offer a ballpark estimate for a detailed tree project description, especially if aided by photos. Once your situation has been assessed by our professional crew we then agree on an estimate and the best time to come care for your tree project.

  1. Give us a call
  2. We assess your needs
  3. An estimate is drafted
  4. Agree on services and pricing
  5. Set a time and day to begin

Each tree is an individual and property owners are as unique as the trees they own. Our crew will carefully take the shape, size, location and structure of each tree into consideration as part of our process. In some cases, additional work beyond the scope of the original estimate may be required if a different approach is necessary complete the outlined project safely and effectively. When this happens, we give you our word that your project will be completed in a safe timely manner.

Permits or special written permission from your surrounding property owners may be required for some tree projects. Tree regulations in Florida are taught to each of our crew members and we ensure your project will have the proper paperwork in place if this applies to your tree issue.

When the work in the estimate is complete we ask our clients to look over the project and sign that our work meets your satisfaction. This last step ensures we are both happy with the work done and have met the terms as laid out in the initial estimate. Call us today if you need tree removal services in Plant City- (813) 737-7976