Stump Removal In Plant City, FL

stump removal services in plant city floridaAre you looking for stump removal in Plant City, Florida? You’ve come to the right place!

Every tree has a stump and that stump is part of every tree project with Advanced Tree Plant City’s professional crew. Stumps are stubborn and extend deep into the ground. Until the stump is removed, the roots are still alive for some time and many species of trees can send up shoots as a way of reestablishing the recently cut tree.

This is why we offer stump grinding to quickly, effectively and safely remove that stump and removed the entire tree before calling the project done. Advanced Tree Plant City relies on grinding machinery with strong rotating disks that safely chew up the wood and eliminate your stump. Our grinder keeps going right below the surface to give our clients a seamless lawn with just a bit of topsoil and grass seed.

Why Some Leave the Stump

  • It can cost extra to remove stumps after a tree is removed.
  • The stump grinding process adds time to the project.
  • Some other companies may not offer stump removal.
  • Stumps are often thought to quickly decay away, but this is not the case.
  • Stump removing chemicals are used as a messy, unsafe alternative.
  • The stump may be viewed as a decorative feature of the property.

Why Your Stump Needs to Go

  • Stumps can become breeding grounds for tree decay fungus and pests.
  • Fungus and pests from stumps can spread to trees nearby.
  • Children, pets and visitors to your property can easily trip on them.
  • Pools, mowing and new construction all depend on flat ground.
  • Decomposition of stumps can take decades.
  • Stumps can detract from your property value.
  • Many regret leaving stumps.
  • It’s more expensive to have them removed later.
  • New sprouts can be grown off roots of tree with intact stumps left after tree removal.
  • As stumps decay they can damage structures like sidewalks and foundations nearby.

Stump decaying chemicals pose a significant danger to pets, visiting wildlife, the person applying it and to children who may unknowingly touch the stump. Chemicals used to speed the decay of stumps leach into your yard and infiltrate the groundwater through storm runoff. These chemicals can spill into vegetable gardens or other yards downhill where neighbors may be unaware of the hazard.

Once the stump has been treated to the point of decaying enough to be dug up, it takes hard labor and time to remove what’s left of the stump. In the long run, it’s much more efficient to grind down the stump while Advanced Tree Plant City is right there on the property. We are happy to explain or address and of your stump questions and help you to decide if stump removal is right for you.

The surrounding lawn area and property is left intact and sod can be laid directly over a stump opening that has been filled with topsoil. Stump grinding creates a useful mulch product that you may choose to keep or have us haul away with any other tree debris. By grinding your stump and saving the mulch to use in your landscape you can control weeds and help to maintain soil moisture. Call us if you need stump removal services in Plant City – (813) 737-7976