Tree Trimming In Plant City, FL

Tree trimming removes any dead, decaying or unsafe branches from trees. Scheduled maintenance trimming keeps ornamental looking their best and fruit trees productive.

Why Does ‘Good’ Pruning Matter?

Proper pruning methods are of utmost importance to our trained crew at Advanced Tree Plant City. Unfortunately, we often see improper and rushed pruning that results in premature tree decay, increased fungal infections and creates open pathways for pests. Once pests are under the bark of your tree they quickly breed and spread to nearby trees. Fungal infections decrease fruit output, hinder new growth, can slowly kills trees and eventually spread to trees around them. We receive many tree removal request from tree that have not been well maintained and have started dying.

tree trimming service in plant city floridaCommonly, branches are pruned too long and look like a stub just out a few inches from the main stem or trunk. These too long cuts leave trees unable to naturally heal themselves by sealing the wound. Alternatively, pruning flush to the main stem is also a common mistake and causes the valuable cells that close up pruning wounds to die and the tree is unable to close over the wound.

Not to worry, we are fully trained tree professionals here at Advanced Tree Plant City and will leave your trees healthier than the way we found them. In fact, that’s our main focus in pruning and trimming trees. We have a knack for making trees look good and stay healthy long after we leave here in Plant City.

With high winds and evening thunderstorms in Florida, it’s best to keep your trees well maintained to prevent future property damage. Not only to storms loosen the dead limbs of some trees, they leave a mess of debris to deal with after the sun returns. We can offer preventative care for your trees to reduce post-storm debris and damage. Once we complete our trimming, we will haul your debris off with us when we leave.

There are several options for trimming trees depending on location and size. Bucket lift from a truck allows for tall and hard to reach trees to be safely trimmed. Trimming from the ground is great for smaller ornamental and fruit trees. For big trees and substantial limbs near your property our crane can take care of just about any big tree project. Your buildings and family are safe with our professional crew and trimming is done in strategic steps ensuring the job is done efficiently.

Your Property is Better with Trimmed Trees

  • Storm damage is expensive to restore.
  • Reduced property repairs with well maintained trees.
  • Falling decayed branches can injure people and pets.
  • Cleaning up branches is a pain and piles of them are unattractive.
  • Floods and long rain spells are hard on top-heavy trees.
  • Neighbor disputes about tree damages can be costly, embarrassing and hurt friendships.
  • Professionally trimmed trees add value to your property.

Plant City should have beautiful healthy trees, it’s right in our great city’s name! We take pride in a job well done and feel good about stepping back to view neatly trimmed trees after a long day of work. Call us for tree trimming in Plant City – (813) 737-7976